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Failure analysis

– a powerful in-house capability

Cross sectioning to reveal cause of failure
Cross sectioning to reveal cause of failure

DELTA operates its own in-house microelectronics failure analysis department.

We have a very large investment in specialized equipment for the task, from mechanical access techniques to X-ray and scanning electron microscope examination.

Trouble-shoot problems quickly

This analysis capability ensures that we are able to quickly get to the root cause of any problem, whether the aim is to keep a microelectronic or ASICs project on track, or to trouble-shoot problems that have developed during operational service.

Among the issues we can quickly and efficiently resolve are:

  • Is a failure due to some aspect of the IC fabrication process?
  • Is a failure caused by the operating conditions?
  • Is a failure related to a design weakness?

These specialist services are widely used by commercial IC manufacturers and IC users, and by our own in-house IC developers.

The skills and technologies we use for these investigations also mean that we additionally have a lot of know-how to combat any threat of reverse engineering, on ICs destined for financial- or security-related applications, or where the IP used protects a large market share.

Some of the major techniques available at DELTA

  • Microsectioning
  • Real time X-ray
  • Hot spot analysis
  • Solderability tests
  • Sub-micron probing
  • Chemical and plasma etching
  • Scanning electron microscopy
  • Scanning acoustic microscopy
  • Energy dispersive ana­lysis of X-ray
  • Gross and fine leak hermeticity testing
  • Bright/dark field, differential interference, light sectioning, and stereo microscopy
  • Environmental testing (tempe­rature, shock, humidity, corrosion, vibration ...)

DELTA also has access to other specialised equipment such as FIB material deposition, via a network of partners.

If you have a problem, then a phone call to DELTA's failure analysis department will often provide enough information to allow us to advise on the likely techniques required to locate the cause.

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Microelectronics support

For more on microelectronics:

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DELTA’s proven expertise and experience in testing and qualification of ICs for wireless applications ensures a very rapid and secure path to qualified volume production for our WLAN products.

Pär Bergsten, CEO, Nanoradio

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