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How to become Successful in Outsourcing of Information System Development

An exclusive 3-day seminar to help you succeed with outsourcing, 13-15 November 2012


Dansk resumé: Dette eksklusive 3-dages seminar klæder dig på til at møde udfordringerne omkring outsourcing. Både hvis du allerede har erfaringer med outsourcing, og hvis du står foran den første implementering. Seminaret byder på praktiske værktøjer og erfaringer, som kan hjælpe dig til at takle de vigtigste spørgsmål. Sproget er som udgangspunkt engelsk, men kan i en vis udstrækning afholdes på dansk hvis øvrige deltager accepterer dette. Den første dag er dog helt på engelsk.

Today outsourcing is considered by many companies to be mandatory for creating and keeping a competitive advantage.

While some Danish companies are successful with outsourcing, others experience outsourcing as a rocky road. Some enter into an outsourcing set-up without establishing clear expectations for what the viable benefits and related complications might be. As a result, companies struggle to achieve value with outsourcing, and as critically, to define clearly what outsourcing is all about. In the worst case, a company might find it impossible to deliver on expectations and even worse, that digging themselves out of the hole they have dug for themselves will require much more effort than they ever anticipated that outsourcing would require.

In this this 3-day exclusive seminar, you will learn how to be successful with outsourcing of Information System Development. The seminar offers a complete range on practical tools and experiences. It’s relevant both if you are just about to enter into outsourcing and want to avoid some of the pitfalls and, if you have already been doing outsourcing for a while and want to learn how to move forward.

Entering into outsourcing opens a Pandora’s Box of difficult issues and questions at all levels in the organization. This seminar will equip you to proactively identify and tackle these questions and become successful with your outsourcing!

Jørn Johansen

Senior Technology Specialist

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