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DELTA’s reverb chamber is electronics’ worst nightmare

Traditional EMC chambers struggle to reach the very high field strengths that are required by EMC tests. This is why DELTA recently opened a new reverb chamber to accelerate EMC tests, typically field strengths of over 100 V/m and potentially up to more than 500 V/m.

Welcome to DELTA optical thin film

DELTA Optical Thin Film has opened an online shop for optical thin film filters and components to give their expanding customer base easy access and purchase possibilities for linear variable filters and advanced optical filters and components.

We help ideas meet the real world

DELTA is an independent technology company that offers accessible information for everyone. As our customers’ strategic partner we ensure optimal usage of advanced technology. We develop, test, certify, and advice our customers in all the phases of product development. We have been the technology pathfinders since 1941, and it is our vision that Denmark shall be the best place for carrying out hi-tech product development.

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