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Full coverage at normal traffic speed

LTL-M, the DELTA mobile retroreflectometer for measuring night visibility of pavement markings at traffic speed, is a new generation of mobile systems – and has already achieved a significant market penetration.

DELTA Agenda 10 - 2015
DELTA Agenda 10 - 2015

The personal health check is advancing.
Most of us know the situation where we start the car while looking at a lot of displays with information about the car's daily health check. But in our body, the fluid balance may be wrong, and the blood pressure may be elevated for a long time without being noticed.

We help ideas meet the real world

DELTA is an independent technology company that offers accessible information for everyone. As our customers’ strategic partner we ensure optimal usage of advanced technology. We develop, test, certify, and advice our customers in all the phases of product development. We have been the technology pathfinders since 1941, and it is our vision that Denmark shall be the best place for carrying out hi-tech product development.

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